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For the Bride

June 1, 2017

For the Bride | How To Have the Perfect Wedding

{This post was originally published on Lanier Bridal. Their incredible devotion to helping brides find caring and talented vendors just makes my heart swell. It was such an honor to guest post for them.}

If you know me personally, you probably know that the word “perfect” is one I like to stay far away from, particularly when it comes to weddings! But the thing is, the more you get into planning your own wedding, the more you are going to start hearing this word. The Guide to Perfect Place Settings or How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress or 25 Examples of the Perfect Bridal Hair Slideshow…trust me, you are going to find it everywhere!

Hayley Paige Wedding Dress. Southern wedding at Oak Hill & The Martha Berry Museum in Rome, Georgia by Lindsey LaRue Photography

The problem I have with “the perfect wedding” isn’t that I don’t want you to strive for an amazing wedding day (because believe me, that’s exactly what we as your vendors want for you!), but that this concept of wedding perfection is a surefire way to set yourself up for disappointment!

That being said, there are certain things you can do that will help you ensure that your wedding day will be meaningful, filled with moments worth savoring, and so full of joy. And, lovely, well that sure sounds pretty perfect to me!

How To Have the Perfect Wedding

Exchange Letters

First thing when you get up and make yourself that cup of coffee, sit down for a moment and write each other a “morning of letter”. Fill it with expressions of how you are feeling, what you are most looking forward to, and the things you love most about your future spouse. Not only does this help you to start off your day the right way, but it will help you preserve how you are feeling. Exchanging the notes later that day not only creates a sweet moment, but helps set the tone for your entire day!

Build in Moments for Just the Two of You

Wedding days go by so fast! When you’re creating your timeline, consider adding in a few moments that just the two of you can share a brief private moment to really slow down and savor the day as it unfolds. Whether it’s a First Look, a prayer before/after the ceremony, a champagne toast just the two of you after you say “I Do”, or eating dinner alone while your guests are being fed, there are so many options that can help you slow down and savor this special day.

Stay Together as Much as Possible

After the ceremony, all of your guests are going to be approaching you simultaneously wanting to congratulate and talk to you. It’s very easy to accidentally get pulled in different directions during this time. As much as you can, consider staying with each other as you visit with guests and greet everyone. You’ll experience more of your day together, probably meet some new people that are important in your significant other’s life, and maybe even hear some new stories you didn’t know!

Decide Now To Enjoy Your Day

There’s a famous quote by Eleanor Roosevelt that says, “The only person who has the power to make you feel inferior is yourself”. And, my dear, the only person that has the power to keep you from enjoying your wedding day is YOU! Decide now that no matter what someone may say, how the flowers look, how the weather turns out, or whatever may happen, you want to enjoy your wedding day. Because even when something goes wrong (and a bump in the road on wedding day is not just possible, it’s inevitable!) focusing on all the beautiful things about this amazing day (like that handsome face waiting for you at the end of the aisle!) helps ensure that it will be one full of memories that you’ll cherish forever!


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Lindsey LaRue is a Georgia Wedding and Anniversary Photographer for Heirloom Couples Who Love Timeless, Romantic, and Legacy-filled Imagery. Serving the Southeastern US and Beyond, Traveling Often.

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