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August 17, 2017

Life & Marriage | 5 Steps to Make Your First House Feel Like Home

One of my favorite things about coming into a newlywed home is seeing the way the couple marries their styles together to create a place that is uniquely their own. Even when they may not feel completely at home in their area or the first place they live together, it’s always inspirational to see how they still manage to incorporate comforting reflections of themselves into their first house!

How to Make Your First House Feel Like Home: 5 Tips for Your First House as Newlyweds

But even if you aren’t a newlywed, moving can be stressful, and how do you go about making this completely foreign place feel a little more like home? Celebrating holidays, decorating for Christmas, or creating traditions will all help the “new house” feeling fade, but if you don’t want to wait for the milestones to come along, I have found that some of these tips are tried-and-true ways of bringing the coziness to the forefront.


As the areas you will spend the most time in at your new home, try to prioritize unpacking and decorating your bedroom and living room first and making them completely cozy. Having little havens within your home as you bring order to the rest will give you a retreat when the process gets overwhelming.

How to Make Your First House Feel Like Home: 5 Tips for Your First House as Newlyweds


In the first weeks after moving in, I love to play lots of our favorite music in the background and light my favorite scented candles. These familiar touches help me feel like home even when I’m up to my eyeballs in boxes! Scent in particular has very strong psychological impacts, so filling your first house with a familiar, comforting scent will help you begin bonding with your new space.


Maybe you think it’s silly to bring in plants when you’re completely surrounded by the disarray of moving, but fresh flowers have an incredible way of lifting spirits and bringing a smile to people’s faces! That extra bit of “life” and warmth that a pretty potted plant or sweet bouquet can bring is a welcoming touch that helps those empty walls of a first house feel more happy. And it’s easy- on that first grocery run after you realize you have no idea where you packed all the toilet paper, pick up a pretty bouquet on your way out!

How to Make Your First House Feel Like Home: 5 Tips for Your First House as Newlyweds


It’s no secret that curb appeal goes a long way towards “homing” up a house. Put a wreath on the door, lay out a doormat, and even put a pretty plant on the stoop. If you have a front porch, you could even install flower boxes or put out a rocking chair or two. It’s these touches that will give you (and your soon-to-arrive guests) the warm fuzzies every time you come home.

How to Make Your First House Feel Like Home: 5 Tips for Your First House as Newlyweds


Nothing makes a house more of a home like the pieces you love the most. Whether it’s that vintage chair, your clock shaped like Mickey Mouse, or your collection of kitchen trivets on display, when you start decorating be sure and pull out the pieces you value and that spark reactions from friends.

How to Make Your First House Feel Like Home: 5 Tips for Your First House as Newlyweds

Ultimately, think of creating your new home as a marathon, not a sprint! Just work a little bit every day to bring order and peace to your new space and don’t feel pressured to do everything all at once. Our home (affectionately nicknamed The River Loft) has come together little by little since we moved in and it’s a process that we’ve not only enjoyed, but treasured, because it’s the first house that’s really felt like home to us since we were married. And it’s ok that the process has taken awhile. The only thing that’s certain? By the time we get it all perfect it will be time to move again!

How long did it take before your last house felt like a home? Do you have any special tips that helped you along the way? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


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