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February 21, 2018

Atlanta Winter Wedding at Golf Club of Georgia | Nicole & David

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If I’m being honest, I normally associate January weddings with cold weather and dull skies, but THIS gorgeous winter wedding has completely changed my heart on that! The sunset light during their portraits? Just breathtaking, my friends! And even though it was very cold and windy outside, Nicole & Dave’s warmth, joy, and effervescent smiles […]


February 13, 2018

My Best Friend’s Wedding | A Personal Reflection on Setting Down the Camera

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I still remember the day it happened. The day that Zach came to me and said he was finally proposing to Jessica and he wanted me to capture it. The day that I hid in the woods (I wish I had a photo to document me hunkering in a giant PILE of bushes and fallen […]


February 5, 2018

Southern Snow Anniversary Session in the Georgia Winter | Cameron & Tiffany

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The truth? I’ve ALWAYS wanted to photograph a snow anniversary or engagement session, but my fellow Georgians know how rare it is that we get a beautiful snow around here! A couple inches once or twice each winter isn’t uncommon, but it’s normally more of a falling slush that disappears after the first day instead […]

For the Bride

January 22, 2018

For the Bride | How To Make a Wedding Advent Calendar Gift

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Normally when you hear the term “advent calendar” your thoughts turn to childhood traditions at Christmastime, but how about a wedding twist on this fun tradition? I remember how stressful those final days before the wedding were and how much everything was weighing on my heart, so each time I’ve been given the honor of […]


January 3, 2018

LaRue Travels | The Garden of Hills and Dales Estate

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Sometimes inspiring places just find you…without any searching or effort on your part, you just stumble into something beautiful and can’t help but be captured by it. That’s exactly what happened this particular afternoon with my friend Natalie. We were on our way down to Florida for a wedding and she mentioned that she’d heard […]