Oh friend, I completely get it- we are happiest with a camera in hand and seeing the world through the lens of possibility!

But pursuing a career in photography is not an easy road and I remember how paralyzing it was when I first started! There's so much to learn and I get questions every day from photographers living that hustle.

So here's hoping that my hindsight can be your foresight and help you out along the way! 

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The resources guide

An important disclaimer/note:

Anything I say reflects my own personal opinions, viewpoints, and analyses and should not be construed as investment or business advice. The information and opinions presented are of a general nature only and do not take into account the particular needs or individual circumstances of you or your business. Past performance of any resource is not a guarantee of future success. Though I make every effort to ensure these resources are up to date, I cannot personally take responsibility for the actions of any vendors, businesses, or resources here.

Also, I am an affiliate for some of the resources on this page which means I might get a small commission if you use one of the links here. Don't worry, it doesn't cost you anything more (in fact, sometimes it costs you less because I have a special deal set up with them!) and I would never recommend something I didn't 100% believe in, affiliate links aside! 

I can't say enough how much I love Showit for my website platform. When I was trying to launch my site I tried SO many platforms and was underwhelmed by all of them. Then I found Showit and it's been a love affair ever since! Their system is SO easy to use, you can finally make your site exactly what you want it to be, and their support staff is unbelievably helpful.

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resources and tools



Simple. Beautiful. Professional Looking. That was exactly what I wanted when choosing a method to deliver photos to my clients. I needed it to be EASY for my clients to use and Pixieset helps me to continue serving my clients well.


photo delivery

I use a combination of Lightroom and Photoshop to edit my images, both of which are through Adobe's Creative Cloud subscription. They have a great bundle for photographers to get both programs and I love how easy it is to update my software each time they roll out new features. 



A great tool if you want more insight into how potential clients use your site.


The end all, be all of tracking how your website is resonating and performing for your potential customers.


Blogging can be a pain- I hear you and it's a lot of work! But this tool makes it SO MUCH EASIER! I can now get images formatted and ready for my blog with lightning speed and it has cut the time it takes me to do a blog post by more than half!



social media

I'm not going to lie, maintaining my Instagram account has always been an overwhelming and least favorite task in my business. But I started using Planoly at the end of 2017 and I don't dread it nearly as much as I used to! It has helped me stop stressing about coming up with something to post everyday and my feed is much more organized, well thought out, and consistent ever since I started using it. 


I use Tailwind in order to organize my Pinterest and pin my images. Instead of going in every day and having to maintain my Pinterest marketing, this tool allows me to go in about once a month and that is a major WIN in my book!!



Whenever I need a contract, these two gals are the first ones I go to. They understand small creative businesses and are so helpful! If you need any kind of contract for your business, they probably already have it in their shops and they are kickass amazing lawyers who know their stuff.

paige hulse - Creative law shop

christina scalera - the contract shop

If you ever struggle with creating content for your business (whether it's Instagram post ideas, blog post ideas, or upcoming trends) this subscription service is life-changing! The creator, Christine, is a content strategist and GENIUS and she sends you monthly, customizable content (specific to your type of business!) so that you can speak directly to your dream clients with a lot less effort. 

content creation collection


Are you a list person? I sure am. My whole brain functions in lists and Asana is my #1 tool to keep me on track and organized!!! I use it to manage my content calendar, my to-do list, my yearly goals, and a whole host of other things. Plus, they have an app, so I can keep track of things at home OR when I'm constantly traveling for my business.


This is a great tool if you struggle with time management. Many people don't TRULY have an idea of how much time they spend on all the tasks in their business and it's hard to be profitable if you don't know your own productivity. Not only did this tool help me realize areas of my business I was wasting time, but it also helped me realize what times of the day I was most productive so I could properly set up my work schedule for maximum effectiveness!

rescue time

If you have a team of people that need to communicate, Slack is my favorite way to keep everything organized! So much better than massive email chains or text threads, we can segment our conversation topics and everything is all in one place!


Think of Zoom as a more professional version of Skype or Google Hangouts. You can record your calls for sharing later and it's a great way to "meet" people when you just can't make it together in person.


album design

Album design used to be SUCH a pain and a part of me would dread it when a client ordered a wedding album. But now, I love it! Smartalbums now allows me to design an entire wedding album in a fraction of the time (it used to take me days or weeks in Photoshop) and it has an online proofing system that allows my clients to proof and make changes to their albums in a streamlined way. Not only is it easier on me, but it is so much of a better experience and service for my clients- which is #1 priority!

smartalbums (by pixellu)

Mileage tracking

Y'all, back when I started my business I did a terrible job of tracking my mileage and I STILL cringe to think about all the money I lost out on as a result! Mileage is easily my biggest tax deduction each year and not tracking it would be a terrible mistake. Mile IQ makes it SO EASY to do and more than pays for itself each year, even if you don't travel as much as I do.

mile iq


I am so grateful to my friend, Brooke (who I'll introduce you to next), for introducing me to YNAB! Running a business means we have SO many different expenses pulling at us and a simple bank account with a lump sum of money in it is not going to be very helpful in anticipating each of them. YNAB allows me to track all the money in my business account, give it a purpose, and feel so financially strong and stable. I highly, highly recommend it!

you need a budget

I can't say enough good things about Brooke- she's wonder woman in my book! If you're in the position where you are bringing in money, but not paying yourself a better paycheck, she's the guru to help you out. If you need someone to look at the big picture of your business and teach you how the heck to manage and track your financials, she's a godsend. Yes, it takes a small investment to hire a consultant like Brooke, but if you follow her advice you are likely to make that investment back tenfold. 

brooke olsen - financial consultant extraordinaire

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